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We employ military grade encryption client side to each and every file you send, it's impossible for even us to decrypt your file!

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Premium Features

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Extended Retention

Give your clients the freedom and convenience to retrieve a shared file repeatedly for up to 90 days.

Data Residency

We've got you covered, with data residency options in U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Multi-Factor Sharing

On your behalf, we'll verify the recipient of your confidential file when you enable a multi-factor sharing option.

Mail Client Integration

Allow us to make your life easier by integrating with your email client. Sending a file securely is as simple as attaching a file to an email.

Quantum Resistance

Extend the encryption key from 128 bit to 256 bit, making your files quantum resistant.

File Request Links

Sharing secure files isn't a one-way street. As easy as it is to send a file, you can also request a file.

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Client Side Encryption

Unlike the majority of cloud based file storage and sharing platforms today, our encryption model guarantees your files are protected.

Zero Knowledge

We never gain access to file encryption keys, therefore even we can't decrypt your files.

Military Grade Encryption

We encrypt all files with a NIST FIPS 140-2 certified encryption algorithm (AES).

Breach Protection

In the unlikely event we are breached, your files remain securely encrypted.

Solicitor-Client Privilege

Given our encryption model, you can have confidence you're not bringing us into your client relationship.

Custom Branding

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Give your clients a seamless experience across your business by customizing the branding they see when they receive a secure file.

Custom Logo

Your logo will replace ours on the secure file retrieval page. Sizing is adjusted automatically for fit.

Custom Colors

Have colors automatically adjusted based on your logo, or configure them manually.

Professional Layout

Your branding is displayed in the most professional layout possible, maintaining your reputation for high quality.

File Request Links

Fully integrated with the file request links premium feature, request files from your clients through a branded portal.

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Show your clients you care about protecting their data. Get access to our premium services including extended retention, data residency, multi-factor sharing, and quantum resistant encryption options.

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Everything under premium. Plus, gain access to our special custom branding feature.

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Show your clients you care about protecting their data.

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